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Facebook auto commentBased on the number of operational rightsProduct DetailsOnline Consultation
Facebook marketing softwareBased on the number of operational rightsProduct DetailsOnline Consultation

Facebook Marketing Assistant Customer Service Response.

Time:2023-09-20 18:32:28  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Facebook as a foreign social operation station, every day above the traffic can be said to be uncountable. In the face of this so big traffic base, do foreign trade people how can be willing to give up such traffic profit opportunity? Today I will give you the marketing bulls in Facebook above the performance.

Facebook marketing software

The first thing I observed is that they have in the use of some auxiliary software to help themselves to solve some things, and then think about it is also very normal, so many people so many things if you rely on an individual to deal with that is certainly a little busy. So under their recommendation, I also downloaded a software they use called Facebook marketing software for trial, probably in to understand the function, I suddenly understand why they are busy.

This software can set up customer service message alerts and auto-reply function, customer service message alerts you should know it, a new user sends a message will be prompted to prevent the staff to do other things is to encounter the situation does not show. Then is the auto-reply function, this function can be set to automatically reply to the cycle or according to the keyword reply, have done a lot of customer service people know that most people are coming in to ask some very basic questions, a lot of workload are like this. If there is such a tool to help reply, you can save a lot of effort.

I've used software like this, and I've been introduced to it by people who don't really know what to do with it if they're doing it on their own.


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